Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Contemplating candles.

Blessings Darlings!

Since I'm currently doing one daily offering shortly before midnight each night, and it's the 'big formal one' of the day, one of the things I'm offering is the light from a candle.  I don't want the candle to burn TOO long, and I do this offering outside, so I don't want the wind to blow it out on windy nights.  Therefore, I use Hanuka candles, bought in bulk at the grocery store on half price after Hanuka.  44 candles in a box, assorted colors, burn at least half an hour.

But that wind thing is still an issue, even with pretty protector I put over the candle.  The problem is that the candle holder raises the candle too high for good protection.  When I dare to go into stores again I will likely look for a taller one ... or shorter candle holder ...

I COULD maybe get away with using a 7 day candle for this - those jarred candles are 'recessed' enough in the jar that they might not be blown out by the wind.  But ... I'm doing this outside.  I'd light it, let the offering burn for a while, then put it out again.  Sounds fine, until you realized that this is summer, and bugs are attracted to flames.  The hot liquid wax would end up with the bodies of the dead bugs.  NOT the offering I want to give. Maybe I'll be able to use them in winter. 

Update - I did some spelunking in the Conjure Cabinet, and found a lower candle holder, AND it allows the protector thing in it as well.

I was going to make crepes for dinner tonight, filling them with the leftover chicken and the wild greens (lambs quarters and spiny hogweed) I harvested yesterday.  I made the filling, which is wonderful.  But making the actual crepes seemed like work, so instead we're having it over egg noodles.  Everyone is happy this way, too.

Yesterday we got a little rain.  Under 1/4 inch, but with a glorious rainbow.  Suz, of course, filmed the rainbow and I didn't.  Today no rainbow, but a lot more rain.  With lots of thunder and lightning.  I won't have to water the garden for ... maybe two days.  The whole landscape just went 'Ahhhhhhh'.   It's a wonder filled thing.

Frondly, Fern

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