Sunday, July 5, 2020

May tonight be quieter than last night was.

Blessings Darlings!

Dang, there was a lot of fire works action by individuals last night.  For HOURS, like from 8 pm till midnight or beyond.  It's been going on for two weeks now, with last night being the biggest night and June 20 - the celebration of West Virginia statehood - the second biggest.  But there were fireworks every day between the two.  I don't expect that they will come to an almost complete end for another week or so.  Since all the 'official' fireworks displays in the area were cancelled due to Coronavirus, and folks are isolating and bored, I guess it's to be expected.  OTOH, they had to interact with people to buy the fireworks.  As for me, I'd rather watch the fireflies and maybe see a meteor.  But since last night was the full moon (and a lunar eclipse, other the other side of the globe), it wouldn't have been a good night for seeing meteors.

Trump, of course, had fireworks and rallies both of the last two nights.  The first on Native American land (what is now called Mt. Rushmore) and last night in DC.  No masks or distancing Friday night.  Little last night.  Those folks are certainly free to risk their own lives, but they are SO likely to infect others, and likely to max out hospital ICU beds and ventilators.  That bothers me greatly.

We of course continue to self-quarantine as much as possible.  Masks when in public.  Only going in public once or twice a week, for shopping and occasionally for walks in parks and such.  We're spending as little money as possible, because at the end of this month the 'coronavirus stimulus' money added to unemployment ends, and my unemployment checks don't cover our bills.  This is why garden production matters so much, and finding ways to enjoy eating what's easy to grow lots of matters.  Turnips are easy to grow.  They are NOT everybody's favorite to eat.  Tomatoes are so easy to grow that we always have too many of them.  Green beans, again, easy to grow.  Last year we had too many of them, and I couldn't keep up with harvesting them.  Bad combination.  At least the tomatoes I could give to folks at work.  I'm growing half the summer squash and half the tomatoes I grew last year, and diversifying the garden more.  I've added potatoes, dry beans, chard, beets, turnips, radishes. garlic.  Have had NO luck with lettuce and spinach. Have replaced spinach with wild lambsquarters at some meals.
And, yes, I did my part of the garden work for today already - watered, and mashed bugs/bug eggs/pulled thorny hogweed.  Spawn has not gone out and weeded anything yet.  It's now 12:20, it's 93 degrees, and it feels like it's 103 degrees. 
BTW - since Wednesday I harvested 3 grey squash.  Three more will be ready for this coming Wednesday.  I harvested 7 turnips this week, and used the 3 biggest ones.  So I still have 4 to use, and a bunch more in the garden still. 

Oh, wow - 7:00 pm, and the wind just picked way the heck up.  Temperaturee\ currently 95. 

I have dinner to make and things to do. Laters!

Frondly, Fern

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