Friday, July 31, 2020

Ashiness is not spiritual: Witchy wellness, part 7.

Blessings Darlings!

Side note - we finally got some rain this morning.  Might get more tomorrow.  Today was very hot and nasty humid.  Tomorrow might be cooler.  One hopes.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled rant!

#15 and #16 - Herbalism and sound healing.  Nice things to work with.  Regular Herbalism isn't witchy, of course.  But neither regular nor magical herbalism is going to be learned and thus used quickly.  FFS, actual herbalism will require deep knowledge of astrology, the Greek humours, etc, which are anathema to the person who came up with this.  Sound healing ... is very relaxing.  But appropriated and used incorrectly, which the person says she's against. 

How odd.

#17 Soak.  I don't know if this is about epsom salt or spiritual baths.  Really, just soaking in water tends to feel good, but that doesn't mean that it actually has a health value OTHER than feeling good.  No evidence that the magnesium from epsom salts enter your body to relax muscles.   So it ain't 'wellness'.

Spiritual baths are great.  But you will need to know how to wake the ingredients.  And some training in ingredients for different conditions, and how often to use them for best results.  Training.  Not reading some .... unseasoned flatbread author's book or web site.  I don't have this training.

It doesn't mean that I don't soak in a tub with brewed herbs and flowers in it.  But I don't pretend that I'm doing conjure or Hoodoo when doing it, or that it's going to have that level of effect.  It's going to smell nice and relax me, for sure.  That said, knowing that I'm going to have to really scrub the tub before and after (the Spawn is formally in charge of keeping the tub clean, but  he ... doesn't put in the appropriate elbow grease.  I love him.  He's GREAT.  He usually does a perfectly adequate job on cleaning bathrooms, but he is not good about cleaning the tub.

BTW, for your cleaning ease, if you're adding herbs, BREW THEM FIRST, STRAIN THE LIQUID, AND ONLY ADD THE LIQUID.  Removing the 'tea' leaf detritus from the tub if you don't do that first is a total drag.  Flowers and flower petals aren't depressing to clean up.  The herb crap IS.  Or at least put them in a cloth bag and put that in the tub.  You'll thank me later.

Oh, moisturize after your spiritual bath.  Ashiness is not spiritual.

#18 Sexual Wellness.  Accepting and making decisions about your sexual expression is totally a wellness issue.  Alas, virtually everything out there on this ... discredits asexuals and those who choose celibacy.  It's all about accepting and expressing.  And of course, because all her points are on a meme, we again have no idea what she is aiming for here.  I'm guessing that she isn't talking about 'sex magic' or 'this spell requires celibacy for a month before doing it' since she's calling it wellness, not power.

Yes, sex magic can be a part of witchcraft.  Celibacy can be a part of witchcraft.  Neither is necessarily a part of witchcraft. 

That's it for today.  More tomorrow.  Probably.

Frondly, Fern

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