Monday, July 6, 2020

First pandemic Monday in July.

Blessings Darlings!

That sudden windiness at 7 pm was caused by pop-up thunderstorms in various parts of the larger area.  Alas, no rain where I am.  So by 8:30 am today I was out watering the garden again.  And checking for pest eggs. 

The Washington Post - The morning's most important stories, curated by Post editors.

Seven-day average case total in U.S. sets record for 27th straight day
Local officials issued dire warnings about the spread of infections, blaming outbreaks on early reopenings and saying the virus was rapidly outpacing containment efforts.
 Ain't we got fun?

I am SO INCREDIBLY PISSED that the US WASTED 3+ months of isolation ... hell, wasted then entire time from the first big warnings about Covid 19 at the end of December/early January until the foreseeable future.  We did half-assed attempts to ask people to isolate, no serious enforcement.  We decided that human lives were less important than money.  And now, no surprise to folks with actual brains, our ICU beds are full again.  Our death rate is HUGE, even with states like Florida refusing to release actual stats on Covid-related deaths.  In 11 more days it will be 4 full months since I've gone out without a mask on.  4 months since I went out for anything other than needed shopping and a few trips to large parks to take walks with my family.   And under our president - who denigrated mask wearing and closing businesses, refuses to put a plan together, has gagged the US experts on infectious diseases, and cut funding for COVID research - and his allies, while I kept myself/my family safe, we are no safer than we were before.  Oh!  As of midnight tonight, masks are mandatory here in WV.  3 1/2 months (at least) later than they should have been declared mandatory.  Wait - it's not a mandate.  It's not enforced.  It's only fucking 'strongly encouraged'.  This is some fucking bullshit.

Oh - and if/when they get a vax for this, they'll be happy if it's only 50% effective. And you can bet that means if it's 50% effective on young healthy folks, not on ... everyone. Cancer survivors with now compromised immune systems? Nope. Folks over 60? Nope. Diabetics? Nope. Folks with asthma? Nope. Lupus? Nope. Fibro? Nope. 

How dry is it? Dust devils swirling in the pasture dry.  This is why I water some things daily (seedlings and the heavy producing squashes.)  

Today is one of those 'hard' days for me.  Depressed, no energy.  But I made my 'to do' list, and am trying my best to work on it.  Paid rent. Paid health insurance.  Worked in garden.  Washed clothes, and hung them on clothes line.  Obviously working on blogging.  Working on exercising ... in small doses at a time.  Dishes are all caught up on.  
It's 96 degrees out, feels like 101 -  and that's not helping, tho' we have AC on set at 81 degrees.   All the cattle - all black angus cattle - are under the trees where it's shady.  Horses are out in the sun, kicking up dust as they walk.  But they look like they are heading in the general direction of some trees themselves.  Fleshy weeds have taken over the garden and pastures, purslane in the garden and spiny pigweed in the pastures.  I might go harvest and cook the leaves on the pigweed next week, and maybe the purslane tomorrow.  

The Spawn found reduced price whole chickens on sale when he went out today (wearing a mask).  I'll stick a can of beer up it's ass, liberally (of course) apply Memphis Rub to it, and throw it in the oven for dinner.  I'll put an insulated car reflector on the oven, too, to keep as much of the heat IN the oven and not radiating OUT of the oven.  It will still end up heating the house, of course, but at least I'll have tried to reduce that.  He had money, so I told him to get the biggest reduced one they had, so we could get the most meals out of one oven use.  I'll throw in baked potatoes for the rest of the week, too, tho' corn will be our starch.

Sheesh - maybe today would be less overwhelming if I didn't have to keep adding stuff to the 'to do' list.  I used the last of the home made laundry powder today, so making more of that is on the list now.

Frondly, Fern

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