Thursday, July 16, 2020

Living the Vida Boring

Blessings Darlings!

Welp, the grey squash, which I love, is very very very susceptible to bacterial wilt spread by squash bugs. The yellow crookneck squash is both a bit less attractive to squash bugs AND doesn't seem to give much of a care about bacterial wilt.  The one plant I put in is producing very heavily, too.  The volunteer squash (which I suspect is also  yellow crookneck) looks like it will also start producing in a week or so.  Some of the peppers are beginning to bloom, but I fear that the only ones that survived are the cayenne peppers.  They are useful, but ... I just used up the last of the sweet peppers that I froze from last year, and would like to freeze a batch of THEM.  I need to check to see if I have more of them that I dried still available.

Humidity is not my friend today. 

I don't feel like I have much to blog right now.  Not that most of my blogs are particularly wonderful, but blogging how life goes on during relatively awful times is ... pretty mundane and boring itself.  And I'm not blogging about things that are HEADLINES and GOING ON IN MY YARD.  We have small Black Lives Matter protests in our area, and because I'm isolating I don't go to most of them. I don't go to the weekly Rockwool protests.  I'm not about to list groups/amounts/times I give money, or every single other 'good deed'/virtue signalling type thing.  I'm not going to bore you or me with the details on my little exercise program, or how I felt exercising this day, and whine about ... exercising.  Because I do that a lot in my life, and no one else should have THAT imposed on them.

So you get lists of what I got done, and details on the garden.  And some other nature notes about birds and fireflies. And squash bugs.

I can't see some future Ken Burns using this for some amazing documentary on the year 2020, or CoronaVirus: The Mini Series, and no one's going to look to an old white woman's blog for Black Lives Matter stuff. 

Welp, that's it for today.

Frondly. Fern

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