Saturday, July 25, 2020

"Witchy Wellness", part 2

Blessings, Darlings!

So, to remind you of the meme that is spawning my posts right now, here it is:

"Fitness" is generally seen as having 3 components - physical, mental, and spiritual.  "Witchy Fitness" at MOST would be spiritual, assuming that you see witchcraft as a spiritual path and not a skill set.  I see it as a skill set, so ... yeah.  Ain't nothing 'witchy wellness' at all IMO.

Now onward to the individual steps/days!


I'm guessing that she means 'send your intention out into the universe'.  Maybe.  Maybe she means 'set formal goals'.  But since the rest of this is "These are MY goals, work on THEM" ... this is kind of foolish.  Never commit to following someone else's goals.  Not as a person, CERTAINLY not as a witch.

If you want to set your 'intent' for 'wellness' ... you need to take more than one day.  You will need to figure out all aspects of wellness you want to work on, then decide on a FEW as your priorities.  Then look at what you want You will need to figure out how long it will take to do those steps.   You will want to break it down into your OWN damn goals and dates for achievement.  You WILL probably know at least one or two things you want to do already.  Like - most folks want to do daily or twice daily meditation, and don't do it.  You certainly can start doing this  while deciding on the rest of your goals. 

Now, if you were looking for 'witchy' wellness, some of the possibilities for goals (and this is NOT by any means an exhaustive list) would be 'identify things you'd like to do in your daily practice,' 'Identify things you want to do at least weekly,'  'Identify things you want to do at least once a month', "attend at least one local ritual/event" "select some spirit/entity/demon/angel/God to build a relationship with so I can work with them," "Build that relationship," "Do shadow work" "improve the success of my magic," "get so good at grounding that you could do it in a busy airport/trainstation/where ever/whenever in one breath," "get really good at casting a circle," "memorize a top 40 list of chants/invocations/songs," "learn to shield," "Ward your house," "Clean and keep clean your house,"  followed by 'incorporate those things, one or more at a time, into your practice - but not all at once. Or even in one month. Probably not even in one year'. 

And look at these things realistically.  Do you have 3 children under 5 years old?  Most folks in that situation aren't going to get a whole lots of 'wellness' - or other goals - accomplished.  What's your work schedule like?  What's your mental health like?  Don't set yourself up for failure by  being unrealistic. 

You're making lifestyle changes here for most of these goals.  You want them to stick.  You need to both focus and let them take root.  I have ONE magical goal for this year - to improve the return on my magic.  To do this, I'm taking ONE course, and doing the damn work.  Whether the Coronavirus shut downs have helped or hurt me in this is debatable, but I'm SO glad I didn't pick more than this.  Yes, doing this includes doing a lot of different smaller tasks.  That's true for all goals.  I mean, you can see that in the list of crap in that meme.  Three of the things are variations on 'put the right things in your body' - hydration, fruits and vegetables, and greens.  A full 8 of them are mental health related. 

At any rate - pick a couple of goals, and write them down/send them to the universe/burn them/whatever.  Take some real time and give it some real thought.

Frondly, Fern

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