Friday, November 2, 2018

Cold Season is Coming.

Blessings Darlings!

Every now and then, many of us get a few extra dollars.  Sometimes those extra dollars don't need to spent on immediate necessities like rent or this weeks food.  It's mighty handy to have a 'wish list' in advance for such times.

I'm at one of those times right now.  We finally got our tax refund (LONG story there!).  So, noting that it's now November, I took a look at my wish lists.  Winter is rapidly coming.  There are things that will happen this winter.  Someone here will get a cold, for example.  It could even be me!  Checking the expiration dates on our over the counter cold meds and replacing them would be a good idea.  Because especially if I'm sick - the last thing I need is to try to explain to the Chubby Hubby or the Spawn is what meds I can and can't take.

ALL the damn meds for colds, allergies, etc were out of date.  The burn relief spray was 5 years out of date.  Welp, that told me what list I was taking to the store with me.   We're now covered for most meds (two I'll try to grab when they goes on sale).  I also stocked up on canned stew.  Not only is it one of our go-to foods when folks have colds here (that and soup, but I had cans of that already), but it was on a GREAT sale ... and when I picked up the first can I saw that they had $1 off coupons on each of them!  Happy Fern was Happier. 

I'm also happy that facial tissue doesn't have an expiration date.