Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Blessings Darlings!

I know that I keep harping on this fact - but your 'intent' doesn't mean a dang thing if you are too incompetent to formulate a working plan to pull it off. In fact, it is likely to totally backfire on you.
Last night I watched another prime example on why magical or mundane 'intent' is always - ALWAYS - trumped by magical or mundane COMPETENCE.

It was especially entertaining since it was aimed at me.

Someone I had been "energetically disagreeing with" in one group followed me to another group, and stated in her first post in the second group that her intent was to get me booted from it. Now, that was a GREAT statement of intent. Clear and measurable. Props for that statement of intent.

She then proceeded to make a fool of herself in the second group, repeatedly violating the rules of that group, and pissing off one of the admins. Thus she got booted.

The thing about measurable intent is that it also makes it easy to measure failure. In a very short time, she was booted by the admins, rather than me being booted by the admins. Her white knight, who had been stirring shit, was also booted - by a different admin (blocking admins in that group is a bootable action, and she blocked him.)

She was incompetent in her actions. Accusing me of doing something that was not against the rules off either the FB group or of FB is NOT going to work at getting someone booted. Or, at least so far, getting me even 'suspended' from FB (OF COURSE it helps that I don't fit the demographics of folks that FB tends to suspend. I have a pretty high level of privilege).

Let me repeat the lesson: COMPETENCE TRUMPS INTENT. Every day of every week.

Frondly, Fern