Friday, July 24, 2020

Bullshit wrapped in unrealistic aims dipped in 'witch talk' and sprinkled with glitter

Blessings Darlings!

I should post about coronavirus, and about the mercenaries grabbing folks off the streets in Portland (mercs provided by Betsy Devos' brother!), and all that.  But, no.  I ran into stupid today, and I'm going to be posting a full series of posts on this.  Because there is just SO FUCKING MUCH material in it to cover.

Now, there has been a whole lot of stupid around late, as we all know.  Folks saying that masks cause carbon dioxide levels in the body to rise, or that they don't stop spread of disease because 'pants don't stop farts', the hexing of the Fae, etc.  But now I want to introduce you to this here post/meme thing I 'met' today, that people are sharing in FB Witch/Pagan groups, a 'dump it in the group as a goal/challenge for all!' thing.

It's bullshit wrapped in unrealistic aims dipped in 'witch talk' and sprinkled with glitter.
I hardly know where to begin in my analysis of it.  But since I actually AM, by both education and work history, a Health Educator, I'll have at it.
I'm going to start with "wellness as a 31 day challenge".  Wellness is "an active process of making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life."  A process is not something for a challenge, 31 days or no.  You don't put a life-long process in place in one month.  You set smaller goals along the way.  Those goals are going to be measurable.  They are going to be no more than, say, 3 major changes at a time.  Trying to do 'everything' in a month is a set up for failure.  

I took a little trip to the web site and such of the person who created this meme.  While this is being presented as 'what everyone should do', this is in fact what SHE wanted to do (this originated several years ago, apparently).  She took her time, decided on what she thought SHE should work on ... and promptly challenged everyone to do the same thing.  I did a cursatory check of the Instagram page she was supposed to be running this on, and found no real info - but I don't have Instagram, so only saw about half of the things shared to this part of her account.  I HAVE asked to be let in her FB group, because I want to know how much of this challenge is still a part of her life.  
In wellness, one size does NOT fit all.  Hell, no where in life does one size actually fit all.  

Second ... what the fuck about this is 'witchy'? Did I miss invoking a demon to do this shit for you?  Eating your veggies, and drinking water is NOT 'witchy'.  It's human.  It addresses biological needs of bodies.  Doing stretches are things that even cats and dogs do.  It's not part of their spiritual schtick.  It's not even part of their religious schtick.

Tomorrow - if I don't get drawn into politics or coronavirus instead - I'll start on the items on that there list.  There are important 'wellness' things missing.  And some of them are the same thing, divided ... probably to get up to 31, so it could be one a day for a 31 day month. 

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