Tuesday, February 23, 2016

You're a Witch, Darling - act like it!

Blessings Darlings!

There has been quite a spate of "OMGs, there are spirits in my new house!  I must banish them all!" posts in Facebook groups recently.

In Witch/pagan/occult Facebook groups. 

Therefore, in groups where folks should fucking EXPECT TO BE INTERACTING WITH FUCKING SPIRITS FUCKING REGULARLY.

Seriously?  You've trained to be able to see/notice spirits, and NOW you're freaking out that ... you see them?  Really?  REALLY?  You want them to all go away?

What, exactly, did you expect your training to lead to? 

Chat with them, like any OTHER roomie that you have/have had.  Set up ground rules, IF they are being a problem.  Do divination if you need some help.

But, really, you've been TRAINING for this.  You've INVITED this type of thing.

Stop whining that you got results.

Frondly (?), Fern