Thursday, July 23, 2020


Blessings Darlings!

I haven't planted much stuff this year.  Like, only 2 summer squash plants, one of which is already dead of bacterial wilt.  Less then 1/2 the amount of green beans I usually plant.  I only put in two tomato plants, but a lot of others volunteered and I'm only letting 3 of them grow.

But not only do I still have too many summer squashes (I have NEVER had a yellow crook neck squash produce like this before) but the green beans have gone SNEAKY.  I thought I only had 'new born kitten' sized beans.  Instead, they were hiding some fully ready ones.  A half pound of fully ready ones.  I'm shocked.  And awed.  And overwhelmed at the return in my garden already this year.  Obviously the garden likes that I'm using cow manure to build it up. 

Which is a good thing, given that my old job at the old place probably isn't coming back. 

Rain is staying north of us, at least so far, today. So I removed a lot of Johnson grass.  And I transplanted in more Swiss Chard, finally, and watered it myself to make sure it was cared for.  It's steamy and windy out, but that doesn't mean that the rain will come to visit today.  All the lightning is up at Hagerstown.  UPDATE: We got a sprinkle of rain, not enough to count for rain ... but we got a wonderful rainbow!

Spent most of the last light pulling zoysa grass from the garden, so I can transplant the cucs in tomorrow, Gods willing and if the creek don't rise.

Frondly, Fern

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