Sunday, July 19, 2020


Blessings Darlings!

The heat advisory continues ... It's 97 degrees at noon, feels like 112.  Spawn weeded the bushes today, to stay in the shade. 

I harvested sage, oregano, spearmint, and thyme.  Want to water the mugwort before I harvest that.  The new rosemary is too small to do a real harvest of, as are the struggling parsley plants.  Basil has been harvested every week, to make sure it doesn't go to seed.  I have potted basil that I'm letting go to seed.  They have all been rinsed clean and are spread out on cardboard to dry.  The dining room smells amazing.

Whole chicken for dinner tonight.  Might spatchcock it, will use a red rub on it.  Will certainly make it outside on a grill rather than heating the house.  I want to serve squash fritters with it, but a dark green veggie will look better.  Especially if I use corn as the starch.  Ended up with leftover rice as the starch, and frozen green beans, since my green beans are probably still 2 weeks away.

That, and other housework, and family stuff, is it.

Frondly, Fern

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