Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Clean Your Damn House, Witchiepoo!

Blessings Darlings! 

Troubled by bad finances? Drama? Chaos? "Negative Energy"?

All spells for changing one's life/luck start with the same thing: you need to totally clean your house. Totally. All rooms, all closets, under all furniture, at least sweep all the walls and ceiling (if you don't wash them), etc. BTW - You'll need to keep the house this clean. 

Organize your finances, too.  Sort them by year, month, etc.
Did you just ask 'why'? 

Because you are getting rid of chaos. You do this mundanely FIRST. Otherwise you're going to have all that mundane crap get in the way.  If you have to spend hours finding your tools, then cleaning your altar - oh, please, tell you you were going to work on a clean altar, right?  - you're going to be taking away from your focus and energy for the workingS.

Did you notice the capital S at the end of 'workings'?

Then you take a white bath - you can get info on that from Houngan Matt's blog post here

THEN you can start more 'overt' magic.

But you have to keep in mind that this type of magic takes a lot of time. What you are aiming to do is akin to changing direction of a huge ship - you are fighting 'momentum', both in your thought process AND still going to have to handle the results of your previous decisions (and none of us have made 100% great decisions).  This type of magic is not a 'do one spell and everything will be wonderful'.  You're overcoming habits YOU put in place, situations YOU let continue to this stage, etc.

You're going to be repeating the rituals for rather a while.

Get to it!

Frondly, Fern