Thursday, July 2, 2020

Shopping during Coronavirus.

Blessings darlings!

Mostly typical day of housework and garden work.  With more first world problems about Walmart pick up time, Walmart missing most of the items I wanted, and Aldi's having computer problems so I couldn't get any produce OR biscuits there.  At least I got the rest of the stuff for plumbing repairs, even if not any bananas.

The governor of this state is dicking around about requiring masks.  Fiddling while the country burns.  HE doesn't need one, of course - his nose is so far up Trump's ass that a mask would be useless.
I didn't get the box of 50 masks I ordered from Walmart, of course.  The Spawn DID find a package of 10 on his shopping trip, so that's a happy thing.  But I'm going to need to go use a magnifying glass to see what company made/labeled these.  Found!  They're legit!  Yay!
I'm getting at least 5 uses out of each 'disposable' mask  by baking them for 30 minutes in a low {about 170 F} oven for 30 minutes between uses, so we're not going thru' a ton of them.  The most I've even had to bake in one week was 5.  But they get just DIRTY, and are paper, so can't be 'washed' as such.  Oh, yes, I have 3 cloth masks that can be washed, but need a filter added inside them to get them most effective.  They are good for days that aren't all that warm. 

I must go do nightly offerings.  Until tomorrow, Gods willing and if the creek don't rise.

Frondly, Fern

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