Saturday, June 11, 2022

Report - Testing a New Underwire Bra.

 Blessings Darlings!

I got a couple of new bras.  From Torrid, my first order from them - they were recommended by one of my co-workers.  See, finding comfortable bras is difficult when you have Bodacious Tatas, and I got 'em.  Band size is 36.  Cup size is G in a 38, should be H in a 36, but I've yet to find an H in a 36.  Ever.  And it's very hard to find G's in a 36.

Torrid had 36Gs, and some on sale.  So I got one with and one without underwire (this one was a plunge bra, for those special tops and special events when I want the boobs to look as if they deserve their own ZIP code.)  The one without underwire was exactly as advertised - didn't really contain the boobs, but was comfortable.

But we all know that underwire bras are a different thing.  Uncomfortable at best, and instruments of torture in way too many cases.  So I put it on for the first time and headed for work determined to make notes of how it felt all day. 

Got it on okay, tho' as always adjusting the shoulder straps wasn't all that easy.  I find wider straps than it has easier to adjust.  Not a big deal tho'.  Started off very comfortable.  Remained comfortable for 6 hours.  At the 6 hour mark I noted a 'hot spot' at the intersection of one of my ribs and the underwire.  The area of discomfort was less than an inch in length.  That remained the only hot spot all day, but the level of discomfort there increased the rest of the time at work.  OTOH, it stayed at 'discomfort' and JUST below 'pain' the entire day.

I DID take it off within minutes of getting home.

So, it's totally wearable, even if my cups overfloweth in it. 

I guess that's a win?

I am considering breast reduction, but from what I've read they can't guarantee I'd still have nipple sensitivity afterwards, which would make me sad.

Frondly, Fern