Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Financial Fun

Blessings Darlings!

Today being the first of the month, one of the activities of the day was paying bills.  This included the electricity bill ... the last electricity bill before they show the cost of heating out home.

Our winter heating bills are bloody scary.  I have to assume that they will be at least $400 a month for December thru' April.  All electric heat, and heat pumps, are not what I'd choose on my own.  But, it's what we have.  Damn, I wish we had a woodstove, or at least a fireplace.

All our time yesterday was spent on health insurance.  It was the last day of open enrollment at Job #2 (Job #1 doesn't offer insurance).  At the end of the number crunching, benefit comparisons, and discussions about if the tendonitis in my hands will let me continue to work both jobs ... we have our basic health plan thru' the ACA marketplace, and vision and dental care thru' Job #2.  Dental and vision feels EXTREMELY luxurious, even tho' the coverage is very limited.  By the way - none of the ACA marketplace plans have dentists in my area.  Welcome to West Virginia, where having teeth is extremely optional.

The death march to try to find tax info from the past continues.  I don't know when it will end, but we (mostly me) persevere.

At least the water and electricity will remain on for another month.  THAT is a good thing.

Frondly, Fern