Wednesday, July 1, 2020

July 1 Land Base Update

Blessings Darlings!

What's up in your landbase?  We are awfully dry here.  I need to water the garden every few days, and the mowed grass on lawns is clearly burned.  Yesterday the corn leaves were VERY curled, a sign of water stress.  We did get some rain fall overnight, but we need over a half inch a week for happy grass and crops.  What we got was 0.03 inches. The cattle are kicking up less dust, but that's about it.

Grass pollen is very high, as well as the UV index.  Temperature isn't bad, dew point isn't bad - but we're supposed to hit 97 later this week.  The invasive mimosa trees are blooming, the chickory is blooming. 

Spent lots of time weeding the garden today.  And some time on tomato bondage.  Can't wash clothes and hang them on the line, since this is the day the lawn gets mowed.  Also started more grey squash and cucumber seeds.

Going to use the squash I harvested yesterday in a stir fry tonight - not yet sure if I'll add chicken or pork to it.  Ooops - change of plans.  Carnitas with the left over pork from the other night.  Spawn is cooking.

Walmart cancelled my grocery pick up today.  I was worried that they did it due to maybe folks being out with Covid 19, but it was FAR more typical than that - a car accident took out power.  I don't know if anyone was hurt, tho.  I'm rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. 

US Corona virus deaths are over 130,000.  With many, MANY undercounted by local/state governments who are hiding things.  "Pneumonia" deaths, not classified as Coronavirus, are up.  Epidemiologists are going to have to look at the 'number of excess deaths' over the average to get the real figures.

I'm tired.  This is it for today.

Frondly, Fern

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