Sunday, May 31, 2020

I didn't start the fire.

Blessings Darlings!

As the US burned today, we went out and visited local parks.  Then returned to attend a virtual protest online.  Because we're rural, this was THE state-wide protest.  Other ones were all over 100 miles away (DC, Pittsburgh, etc) and we'd be seen as 'outside agitators'.  So I did it from home, and donated money to groups with boots on the ground.  Including the ACLU, as always.

Since I'm in deep donation mode, household spending is again being cut back.  Bread has been made, having pasta for a lot of dinners this week (and yeah, my body does best on moderate to low carbs, but that's not always an option, is it?), etc.  I'm not sure I'd be baking the bread if it wasn't cool out today - since I don't need the AC on today it is 'safe' to back.

The guys fixed the dehumidifier today, so that should help make the house more comfortable without needing the AC.  And, of course, the rental manager wants it going all the time, so it's great that it's fixed for that reason, too.  

Exercised a lot today.  Ate badly - but cheaply.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow, on top of eating better, I really need to plant more of the garden, and deal with the moles or voles.  And as always do dishes and laundry.  I wonder what I'll serve for dinner ....?

Stay tuned!

Frondly, Fern

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