Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bottom McBottomface

Blessings Darlings!

Let's talk about witchy/pagan names that folks use, especially on FB and other widely used platforms.  No, I'm not going to whine about the over use of 'wolf' and 'raven' and such in names.  Instead - let's talk about how your chosen name is, functionally, your stated goal.  What you want to embody, what you want to HAPPEN.

Naming yourself Bottom McBottomface is, magically, not a great idea for public name.  And make no mistake about it, FB is really really public.  Using that name - or Tormented Angel #986 (I'm sure that there are folks on FB using 'tormented angel' as their name, I'm not trying to call any individual out here) is an invitation for anyone and everyone to torment you.  Even for bottoms, you trust YOUR domme.  Not every wanna be domme out there.  Most of whom don't know how to domme at all.  YOU have control over that.

You don't have control over everyone who sees your name on FB, and the resulting energies coming back on that - and those energies are likely to reverberate all thru' your life.  It's going to contribute to why your boss thinks they can dump all over you and not give you raises or promotions.  It's going to contribute to why your ex keeps causing trouble.  It's going to contribute to why you keep running into roadblocks in your life.  You're going to be ticketed for every burnt out headlight on your car.   You're going to get a huge number of flat tires.  INSTEAD OF STAVING OFF TROUBLE - YOU'RE INVITING IT IN. 

Yes, I understand liking dramatic names.  But there are dramatic names that aren't invoking eternal victimhood. 

There are times and places where you can still use that power bottom name.  The most appropriate place would be before any divinity/spirit that you are collared by (and, of course, by any person that you are collared by).   You have both a relationship and trust with them.  They are not just any assholes off the street.

Frondly, Fern

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