Monday, June 1, 2020

It's going to be a long, hot summer.

Blessings Darlings!

It's another perfect day here.  My solar dryer is full of clean laundry and hard at work. Dishes are caught up with again, and washer emptied.  Sugar bowl has been filled (a Monday task).  I believe that we'll have Italian Beef sandwiches and oven baked fries for dinner, with cole slaw for the CH and salad for me and the spawn for dinner. 

Protests continue across the country, with police and white boys inciting violence.  SSDD.

Whew.  Just worked on all the damn Johnson grass in the garden.  Dug up what I could, put heavy cardboard down since I'm sure I didn't get all the rhizomes.  BUT - since while I'm far from 'fit', having been exercising lately doing it didn't kill my back.  Got it all done, and not in pain ... at this time.  I also watered the plants and sprayed the vole/mole repellent.

Oh, yeah, I'm feeling that work in my muscles now, 5 hours later. 
Latest Coronavirus numbers:

Global cases - 6,185,523                    Global deaths 372,377
US Cases        1,790,191                     US Deaths     104,383

Trump keeps saying that he wants the Republican convention to be mask free, and no social distancing.  I say he's bluffing - that at least the folks who would be there and mingling don't want that.  And that if the Governor of NC gave Trump what he wants, Trump would be embarrassed by the lack of attendance.  And be pressured by the Republicans to cancel a physical convention.

Presidential conventions and civil rights riots.  Ain't nothing new under the sun.  I remember the summer of 1968.  I lived in Chicago during the convention. 

Why haven't they brought back the chant 'The Whole World is Watching!"?

Trump has just brought the Insurrection Act into play, calling all protesters traitors and working to overthrow the government.  THAT is how ingrained racism is in the US - if you fight against it you are deemed 'an enemy of the state'.


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