Friday, May 22, 2020

World Turtle Day, etc.

Blessings Darlings!

Yesterday I had an adequate amount of energy early, but it also fizzled early.  I blame having added more exercises to Wednesday's 'strength and core' workouts.  My muscles handled the workouts well, but my overall body said NOPE.  So I'll have to get yesterday's aerobics in today.

If the rain continues, I'll also be doing only inside work today, rather than getting more gardening in.  I've plenty of cleaning and clothes repairs to do, it's not like I'll be bored.

There are many new cases of coronavirus in my area.  No surprise.  The governor is sending National Guard troops to 'assist'.  Not sure what they are supposed to be assisting.  I've just pasturized our used masks again.  And, since they are boring old school masks, I'm going to be drawing cat noses, mouths, and whiskers on them.

Saturday is World Turtle Day.  As it happens, there is a turtle looking for a home.  Can you help?

The rain certainly has been continuing today.  I've vacuumed and done a bunch of cleaning in the kitchen so far.  More to come.

I am in my mid 60's and have been married for about 40 years. This means my weekend plans this weekend, with things closed due to coronovirus, are EXACTLY the same as they would have been without coronavirus.

Really, that's it.  Oh, I also did some vacuuming.

Frondly, Fern

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