Saturday, May 16, 2020

Caturday in the Garden with Sweat.

Blessings Darlings!

Breakfast only had one veggie today, so I had to add a piece of fruit.  There is a new horse, a beautiful brown gelding with a large white blaze, probably a t-bred, in the pasture - the two 'old' horses are working on putting it in its place.   There has been bucking by Reeta, the black mare.  Now they are about 16 feet apart, and Reeta is 'on alert' and stamping her feet and pawing the ground a little.  Of course, that could just be due to the flies.  The horses are all out standing in the noon day sun - the cattle are all more sensible and in the shade under trees.

I'm one week into the feeble beginning of exercising regularly.  So far, while my knees have talked to me about this, no flares of tendonitis anywhere.  Of course, I'm starting slower than slow.  Ultra light weights, a small number of reps per set, only 10 minutes each session on the exercise bike (because my ass needs to get acclimated to the damn seat as much as because my cardiovascular system needs to get acclimated to aerobic work.)  I'm slightly off of zero!  Go me! 

That my knees are talking to me is why I didn't get any plants into the garden yesterday.  I watered everything, both in the ground and still in pots, but that was it.  Today is another day.  I took one Naproxen Friday evening, and am easily able to handle garden work today.

Spent some time doing healing requests at my Healing altar on Friday.

Also on Friday night - for the first time in years, ground out own coffee from beans.  For a while we could only find coffee in whole beans (during the panic buying in March).  So we ended up with some of our reserve coffee in whole bean form.  But the bags of that have 'best use' dates before the coffee in cans.  So of course we're using it first.  It's probably been 6 years since I've ground coffee, so remembering the peculiarities of our grinder took a bit of time.  This morning we brewed it, and apparently I did it all correctly for our tastes.  Yay!

Spent an unusually large amount of time lately talking with the Chubby Hubby.  For some reason, we aren't understanding each other easily.  But we put the work in, as one does.  Also negotiated who gets what leftovers, a vital thing to reach agreement on.

As always, I beat back the attacking dirty dishes this morning, then more magically showed up.  It's sorcery, I tell you - sorcery!  Also transplanted one batch of peppers into the garden, one zucchini, one crookneck summer squash.  And weeded some.  And watered almost everything, sprouting in pots or in the various gardens.  Maybe I'll transplant more in later ... maybe not.  I should at least finish the watering today.  It's now later - I finished the watering, and filled in gaps in the 'root veggies' part of the garden with plants I didn't have room for earlier.  It's sweaty out there now.

What I planted today are NOT things that will produce a lot of calories, and I know that I said in an earlier post that I'm moving more towards higher calorie gardening.  The fact is that no matter what, we LIKE to use peppers for seasoning.  I LOVE squash - summer and winter varieties.  I'm not eliminating low-calorie veggies, I'm just planting half the amount of them I planted last year.  Except for cayenne peppers, I'm going from 1 plant to several, because I use them a lot for cooking and didn't grow enough last year.  I'm still growing onions, and I've added garlic. 

Today was all the digital commencement speeches by various Big Name Folks.  I should listen to some of them sometime.

Frondly, Fern

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