Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A lovely Wednesday.

Blessings Darlings!

Walmart pick up achieved.  I rejected the substitution for popcorn, love the substitution for canned veggies, glass 'rock' substitution is fine.  They didn't have my black rocks.  First world issue.  Maybe I'll set up a contact free pick up from Michael's sometime to get them.  I don't think there are any flat black rocks locally, mostly grey ones, but I'll check for them on my walks, too.

Today is, as always, dishes and housework.  Also baking sweet potatoes and white potatoes for use over the next week.  And baking our masks to pasteurize them for re-use.  165 - 170 degrees for 30 minutes = reusable mask.

A tire on my car has a slow leak.  I drove to the Sheetz in town to fill it.  SURPRISE Sheetz has removed the air pump.  Eeeek.  Okay, drove home, Chris was working on the tractor - oh, I'll bet she has a way to inflate the tires on all her equipment.  And she did.  And she recommends that I get the tire patched over at Bobs, on 45 going into Martinsburg.

I also hoed about 1/3 of the walkway to the front door.  Need to plant stuff there, too.

Frondly, Fern

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