Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Blessings, Darlings!

It's raining, the Spawn is picking up our order from Walmart, I've unloaded the dishwasher - it's just another day.  Walmart substituted two things, for things of the same or better quality, at the same or lower price.  That's nice. 

We're going to be getting a week of unusually cold weather.  I'm going to bring in all the seedlings, but I did plant 4 basil plants.  Of course, basil is VERY COLD SENSITIVE.    I'm going to have to cut the bottoms off of soda bottles and put them over the damn plants.  And hope I can cover them without the covers blowing away.  We tend to have WIND here.
Having done a Walmart pick up this morning, I'm starting next weeks' list.  And lo and behold ... there are pick up slots available on Monday and Tuesday next week.  Three weeks ago, I had to check back just after midnight to quickly grab the slots that opened at that time, for pick up 6 days later.  And in some areas, you had to order up to 2 weeks in advance for pick up.

Not any more, apparently.  I doubt that Walmart suddenly got a whole lot more staff pulling the items for orders, or putting orders in cars.  They certainly don't suddenly have more parking spaces in the pick up area.

Suddenly, it looks like folks are going back to shopping. Even in the hot spot I live in.  People . are . stupid . 

Frustratedly, Fern

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