Friday, May 15, 2020


Blessings Darlings!

Allow me, if you will, to introduce you to introduce to a term I created earlier this week.  The term is "Plagiarposting".  It is when someone posts something in a group that someone else wrote, but doesn't link back or give any credit to the actual author.  IN-FUCKING-EVITABLY, the person doing this does so others will think that they are the author (because it DOES make it seem that they are) but 'I never SAID I wrote it (I just implied it)".  And they will do this over and over and over, with posts that are plagiarized from lots of different sources.  So they look oh, so very informed. 

But because they deliberately omit the source, they are also keeping the folks in the dark about the sources of information out there.  They are, in fact, bogarting information to make themselves look like some fucking guru, some actual source of information and ... ahem ... better writing than they can actually do themselves. 

Mutter, mutter, something about self care.  Yeah, I want a fried egg and bacon sandwich, but I'm making myself a dish of eggs served on top of two servings of cooked vegetables.  Both are delicious, but the high veggie one isn't as much a 'comfort food.'  And, yeah, I drank [some] of my morning water. 

But I'm making a fresh strawberry pie and eating some of it later on.  Just because.

Chubby Hubby and I discussed the 'meat shortage' in the stores today.  The Spawn and I have mostly  bought the cheap regular priced bags of chicken leg quarters and ground beef for YEARS, but added getting meat that was 'reduced for quick sale' meat, that hadn't sold and was reduced for the last day it could be sold.  Well, THAT meat has pretty much disappeared from the stores, as well as the prices for all meats rising.

Let me digress (as if you have a choice in me digressing?) to the history of food costs in the US.  We have had astonishingly inexpensive food here compared with the rest of the world.  It takes up less than half of the percentage of household income that it takes in all other countries.  This, in part, explains why the level of income here considered 'poverty level' is artificially low - that income is based on a multiple of what it takes to feed an individual/family, ignoring the fact that other US prices, like housing, take a relatively higher percent of household income.  Our food costs now are edging towards a slightly more 'normal' percent of household income. 


CH is with me on splitting a pig with the amazing Suz, and that I'mworking on getting a group together to maybe split a steer. We'll see if that works out, but at least we're working on it.  He DID ask "Will we have to go vegan?".  I pointed out that cutting down on meat doesn't = vegan.  But he'd best get used to more low-meat stews and soups for dinner, along with our usual stir fries.  And that I hadn't brought up dairy products at all.  Silly CH.

I'm posting this now, EVERY early in the day, because I might want to demonstrate my creation of the neologism "Plagiarposting" sometime.  It's now noon on 5/15/20.  I also used it in a saved Messenger chat a few days ago.  It's still a GoogleNope.  It's MINE. 

Frondly, Fern

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