Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Actual Memorial Day

Blessings Darlings!

For those of you who aren't as ancient as I am - today, the 27th of May, is the actual date of Memorial Day.  The actual date is now ignored, and the day is partied (not honored, for the most part) on the last Monday of May, so folks can have a 3 day weekend to indulge themselves in the 'official beginning of summer partying."

I cut my husband's hair today.  First time I ever cut anyone's hair.  It's better than it was before I cut it.  I didn't screw up much of it.  I'm glad it's over with.  I'll be better at it if I ever do it again.

It was a cool and slightly windy morning today - and we got no bees in the house.  I hope this continues.  But even if we don't need a bee relocation person, we're going to need a plumber soon.

Meanwhile, the US now officially has over 100,000 dead of Covid 19, and no one is allowed to release any stats they may have about how many people are dealing with probable life-long health issues from it.

Today in problems of old age - we've FINALLY found a popcorn my husband will eat.  He worries that he's going to break a tooth on most brands.  But he's now happy with Orville Reddenbacher's microwave popcorn.  Only the one the 'movie butter' tho.  And he still likes OR's normal yellow popcorn in the 45 oz jar, but I haven't been able to find any in months.

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