Monday, April 27, 2020

Unexpected Garden Time!

Blessings, Darlings!

News?  WaPo has a GREAT article on 'excess deaths' since the Corona Virus started.  A base line on the REAL death toll.  Tho' it is probably still somewhat light, since accidental deaths (car accidents, etc) are going to be down with less folks on the road and such.

I'm feeling sluggish again today.  I mean, I got up and washed all the pots and pans, and I've got laundry going, but I'm having a really hard time facing washing the kitchen floor.  And a hard time remembering what day of the week it is.  Monday?

Well, kitchen floor is done.  And I'm contemplating possible plot twists in the Dresden Files books coming out.  As one does while washing floors.  Especially when what one SHOULD be doing is contemplating what to make for dinner.  Ooops.

Now I SHOULD vacuum.  Don't think I'm going to do that this afternoon.  Maybe this evening.  First I should work on dinner plans.  Okay - fried chicken, rice, and salad. 

I'm still not vacuuming this afternoon.  The weather cleared up, it's sunny and no rain falling, the temperature is 56 and the wind has dropped.  I transplanted turnips, lettuce, radishes, beets, rutabagas, and turnips instead of vacuuming.  While out I noticed that the red onions I let over winter are now sending up snapes.  Yummy!  In a few days I'll harvest them, marinade them, and roast them. 

Vacuuming has been accomplished.  That's it for the day.

Frondly, Fern

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