Sunday, April 5, 2020

From Garden to Oven.

Blessings Darlings!

I have a lot of 'weeds' in my garden right now.  It's too early for most things to be planted, let alone producing ... unless you count the weeds.  As it happens, I DO count the weeds.

So I went out earlier today and harvested a colander full of 'wild greens', mostly chickweed, but some purple dead nettle was in the bunch.  Brought 'em in, cleaned 'em, chopped 'em, threw the lot of 'em in a big saute pan.  With a metal handle.  Then I went back outside, to the onions that had over wintered.  They have huge amounts of green onion action, but that's not what I harvested.  I harvested the onion snapes - the long stemmed onion flower buds.  Saving the thin tops and actual flower buds, I chopped the thick lower stems and threw them in the pan.  Added salt, pepper, and the NOT extra virgin olive oil I use for sauteing.  Once they were soft, I added diced canned tomatoes, some gorgonzola crumbles, and 8 well beaten eggs.  The frittata is now in the oven.

I'm probably the only one in the household that will eat this.  The Spawn doesn't like onions, the Chubby Hubby isn't enamored with gorgonzola, and both are suspicious of me and my wild greens.  But I expect wonders from it.  [later that morning - I was right.  About me loving it, CH not liking the gorgonzola, and the Spawn not being thrilled with the onions.  But the Spawn also thought there were too many greens in it.]

Plague deaths in the US have topped 1000 each of the last two days.  We're still at least 10 days from peak cases, and  longer than that from peak deaths - and those estimates are for WITH total social distancing compliance.  The asshole PM of England has Covid 19 so bad that he's hospitalized - after he fucking BRAGGED about going around shaking people's hands.  OTOH, Queen Elizabeth II gave quite an inspiring speech about getting thru' it.

We spent quality family time today working in the garden, until the backs of us two old farts told us to stop.  It only took one hour to get to that point.  Still, we got a lot accomplished.  The onions are mostly planted, and I should be able to FINALLY start the potatoes ... tomorrow or whenever I get permission from my back to do it. 

After the potatoes are in, I get to work more on topping the garden with the manure/straw mix, and start transplanting the  started seeds.  I'll begin with the radishes and go from there.  And I have a lot more seeds that I need to start. 

My back is NOT going to be amused. 

Let's see - also did laundry and line dried it.  Did two batches of dishes.  Baked bread. 

Let's finish with a song, suggested by Byron Ballard

Frondly, Fern

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