Sunday, April 12, 2020

Saturday, posted on Sunday Morning. Ooops.

Blessings Darlings!

Finished putting down enough cardboard to smother grass to increase my garden enough to meet my 'this year minimum increase'.  Running out of cardboard, tho, so not going to do much more this spring. Or maybe spring and summer.  Or maybe sprin druing the winter and early spring, summer, fall, and I don't do this in winter usually just because it's cold and windy. 

Raked the manure in the potato area into rows to plant the taters in, but need to add more manure to the rows before planting.  That work will be another day, as my back says that it's had enough of that for one day.  Time to shift to indoor work ... especially making Rice Krispy Treats!  And, yeah, neither the cereal, the butter, the marshmallows, nor the vanilla grow locally. 

Then I'll work on cleaning the kitchen.  And maybe starting some spinach and basil from different packs of seeds - the ones I started earlier are clearly failures.

We won't be doing our 'usual' Easter dinner tomorrow.  In fact, we haven't done it in about 7 years, since I started working in restaurant kitchens, and restaurants have traditionally been really busy on Easter.  Until this year.  And this year I didn't think of buying anything for Easter, because I'm a Pagan of Jewish origins.  My husband could have reminded me, had he wanted to take some responsibility for an Easter dinner, but he didn't. 

At any rate, back in the day we'd have a leg of lamb, asparagus, etc.  This year it will be "What do we have in the freezer?", but let's be honest, we have lots of stuff still in the big freezer.  We might have fried chicken.  We might have pork chops.  I'll make some nice dessert.  Maybe a chocolate silk pie.  Maybe a chocolate meringue pie.  Maybe just home made chocolate pudding.  I got options.  Cherry cobbler?  Who knows!

Frondly, Fern

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