Saturday, April 18, 2020

Fundamentally, a Good Day

Blessings Darlings!

Woke up to rain, but it's ending and moving out.  Had a glimpse of sunshine for a moment or two.  Therefore, I've got laundry in the washer and will hang it on the line.  Still can't transplant anything into the garden - freeze last night and another one due tonight.  Odd that we're getting freezes when it's so windy, and holy shit has this April been windy!

I think that today I'll drill holes in some buckets, fill 'em with aged manure, and transplant at least one sweet potato vine into each of them.  Dust the bedroom, deep clean the family room.  And read more of course.  And wash some of the eternally renewing pile of dirty dishes.

Well, got most of the stuff done from my to-do list.  And read a lot.  Fundamentally a Good Day.

Frondly, Fern

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