Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Garden Day

Blessings, Darlings!

Gardening time. Even tho' my knee is still extremely fucked up with tendonitis (It will need another 4 to 11 weeks before I expect it to be 'mostly better') I worked in the garden today. Not being an idiot, I focused on stuff I could do with minimal knee involvement. I focused on covering the newly mown grass (holy fuck, American Facebook doesn't think that 'mown' is a real word) with flattened cardboard boxes and weighing them down so they won't blow away in the mighty spring winds. This will help smother most of the grass, making it easier to turn it into garden without having to put lots of knee effort into it.

I didn't get a huge amount done, maybe only about 30 square feet covered. But it I do some every week, that's serious progress. The cardboard boxes are empties I took home from work over the past few months. I knew SOMETHING was coming, and was clear about shit being shut down, but didn't know about the virus. So I prepared to increase the garden as cheaply and efficiently as possible.
They are weighed down with bricks that I really want to use for a different purpose, and if I can get my knee or my family to agree to haul manure to put on the cardboard to hold it down, I'll replace the bricks with that. 
Now that I'm not working, I will run out of cardboard pretty darn quickly, I'm afraid.  I'll have to look for new sources at that point.  Probably the grocery store.  
Meanwhile, I have been starting seeds for the past week and today my radishes are up! Yay! 
In the more daily daily - washed dishes, have started bread.  

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