Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Pop corn apocalypse. Popcalypse?

Blessings Darlings!

Like most folks, my husband and I are trying to live as normally as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.  For him, normal includes having popcorn twice a week.

My husband and I are getting up there in age, and like horses - you can tell that in our teeth.   If you read this blog for a while, you know I finally had 4 teeth broken teeth pulled last year.  My husband, a decade older than I am, lives in fear of his teeth breaking.  As a result, he's very picky about what popcorn he eats.  He cares about both flavor and 'fluffy pop' ratio - he is afraid he'll grab a handful of popcorn, start chewing it, and break a tooth on a hard half-popper or totally unpopped kernel.  So the only popcorn he'll eat in the house is Orville Reddenbacher's regular (not microwave) yellow popcorn.  Even OR's white popcorn is veboten. 

Alas, I've not been able to find any for well over a month.  Not in the 2 stores that I usually buy it at, and not online.  Our jar of it is running low.  Sure, he can replace the salty crunchy carbs with chips.  But those are even pricier than the OR Popcorn, as well as fattier.  We had a 'come to Dagda' talk about it yesterday, and if it comes to it, he'll be frying his own tortilla chips out of fresh soft corn tortillas (they are totally available in the stores still, and we can make those at home as well.)  And he only needs them twice a week.

Meanwhile, governments (Federal Executive and many Republican state govs, including, of course WV) and trying to 'open the states'.  The folks who say that they are 'prolife' are so fucking happy to sacrific1e the born to the economy ... when it won't even actually help the economy. 

Did the grocery pick up thing at Walmart today.  Worked in the garden a lot, too, putting more root crop sprouts in the ground, adding straw to the potato hills, and transplanted some basil (tho' it really is a bit too early for that.) 

A container that has some pepper seeds in it, but lost it's identifying stick, is sprouting.  I have no idea what to do with them.  At least it means that some of the seeds are alive.  Alive I tell you, ALIVE!!!!

Frondly, Fern

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