Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Most seeds don't make it to harvest.

Blessings Darlings!

Today's news - meat packing is more important than protecting health care workers to our government.  

Let's turn our pagan/witch attention to something mundane that I mentioned the other day - that I have to be ready to start at least 9 seeds for every plant that I eventually want in my garden.   And even then I might have to buy the plants I want.

We all set goals for ourselves, needs and wants that we are trying to meet.  We do it at the Sabbats, we do it at the New Moons, we do it at our birthdays.  Maybe it's our culture, maybe it's how we're wired.  We . do . it .

But it doesn't always work out. 

The same is true of the rest of nature.  How many babies in a litter of bunnies, just so one might make it to the age where IT reproduces?  How many seeds does one plant put out, hoping that at least one of its offspring plants reproduces in turn? 

Not all seeds make it to adulthood.  Just like not all of our goals do.  You have to build that into your life plans.  Make back up plans, contingency plans.  Buy insurance.  COVER YOUR ASS.

Because sometimes you'll find out that you didn't actually prepare the ground right, and nothing will sprout or mature.  Or a freeze will unexpectedly hit.  Or a flood.  Or you'll have to leave one goal by the wayside because another more pressing issue came up.

Shit happens.  And it happens with extreme regularity.

If you accept that you might have to try three times as hard, invest three times the effort and time and attention than you think a goal will take - you'll rarely be disappointed.  And if reaching the goal takes that minimal amount of time and effort you originally thought, great - nothing was lost by being prepared for more time and effort.

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