Friday, June 19, 2020

Boring Thursday.

Blessings Darlings!

Cattle Farmer is continuing her battle against milk thistles.  Today she's mowing them.  She tried chemicals against them last fall - that cut them back a little, but not very much.  I don't mind them, but the cows don't eat them so they are not wanted in the pastures.

I've little energy today.  Not that this matters - still have stuff that needs to get done.  I have some rocks to find (I ONLY found quartz in my garden.  Oh, the horror).  I have plants to, well, plant.  Dishes to do.  Meals to cook, and plan.  I should exercise.  I should eat my veggies, and my fruit.

Didn't find the needed stones yet.  There's always tomorrow ...

Frondly, Fern 

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