Monday, June 15, 2020

Fireflies still MIA

Blessings Darlings!

My research into vinegar based weed killer shows that it's not going to work for me. So I've been working on removing Satan's Scrotum Hair by hand.  When my back is less unhappy, I'll cover it with black plastic to try to finish the job.  I got about 1/3 of the area that I need to work on done today.  It was a GREAT day to work in the garden, not too warm and only partly sunny. 

If this was an emergency food situation, I'd have run to what ever food store was open (because who knows WHAT would be closed in an emergency now) - let's say the local grocery store, 3 miles from here.  I'd get every single cardboard box they had, and ask them to let me raid the dumpster that they have cardboard in.  I'd take all that home.  I'd cover this area two layers thick in cardboard, using anything I had to hold it down.  Lawn furniture?  Sure!  The bricks I have saved to make a rocket stove?  Yup!  Jugs of oil for the car?  Yes - ANYTHING.  And I'd be taking Advil and keeping at it.

But at this point, I'm only 'concerned' about our food supply, not terrified. 

I used the garlic snapes that I harvested the other day in bi bim bap today, along with lambs quarters, zucchini, black fungus, spinach, and bean sprouts.  It's wonderful.  And we're going to have lots of veggies and meat left over, so it will be lunches or another dinner later this week.  But damn the soaking and harvesting and de-leafing and steaming and marinading took forever, and dirtied a shitload of stuff. 

In Coronavirus news, Florida alone keeps having 2000 new cases a day.  Some church in my county started having in-church services and now has a cluster fuck of cases, but no one will say which church.  And POTUS says that the problem is that we test for it. 

Such bullshit.

Still not many fireflies.

Frondly, Fern

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