Saturday, June 6, 2020

Magic for Justice.

Blessings, Darlings!

Today, in a FB group:  "Does anyone know any spells for justice?"
Responses: 1 - "Justice Candle" - that includes a burnable item of the target.
2 - Binding and banishment spells could also work
3 - Be swift, be just, thou who rules our lust. For time is with us, and with time all shall be dust.
4 - And then I took it, possibly places the OP didn't mean it to go ... AND added a focus on multiple layers of magic:
 "For all big workings like this - you're going to need a multilayered approach.
For the first spell, the MacroSpell, Put it under a God or Intelligence or Angel or other spirit that relates. Jupiter and Hecate are always good for this, but Themis or other spirit that relates is also good. Give offerings, tell them what you're after. REPEAT AT LEAST MONTHLY.

Then micro working for every 'little' action. Involve spirits/energies for stopping qualified immunity for police. Ending the school to jail pipeline. For ending the militarization of police. For promoting civilian oversight of police. For the various aspects of justice in the criminal court system. And in the jail system. Do workings to get good media coverage of your events aimed at systemic change. Do sweet jars on local officials whose help you want. Hot foot and use war water on the offices of candidates that are problematic.

And be prepared to do daily work - both spell work and mundane work - for decades. It's going to be a marathon.

Oh, I later added "Oh, if you mean for a single person going to court - keep the first part. Then do sweetening spell on the judge, on investigators, get dirt from outside the courthouse to use in a spell on the entire building. Do a confusion spell on the prosecutor if you're the one on trial. Do a clarity spell on your lawyer if that's the defense lawyer.   Reverse those aims if you're not the defendant.  Do a glamour on yourself so you look particularly innocent or victimized or believable." 

Meanwhile, around the country - Corona virus still spreads.  Some areas hospitals are full up, or even at 125% of ICU capacity.  We're still self quarantining, and wearing masks in public.

Meanwhile, in my back yard - planted green beans.  It's hot and humid.  Dealing with car repairs.  Water pump on Prius is going, and the dealer didn't do a previous repair right on something else.   Need to get off my ass and exercise.  Which I hate to do even more than my usual hate to do when it's hot and humid.

It's one of those days in my household where we particularly wish ... that everything was better.  That the Spawn and I had jobs.  That everyone had justice.  That poverty and other lacks were being addressed. That ... we were young and fit and had most of our lives ahead of us, rather than going full tilt into inevitable and relatively rapid decline.  As a result - we're having a meal that's too fatty and high carb as  'comfort food'.  Oh, I did exercise.  No one else did. I don't even know if I'll get the guys to take a walk with me tomorrow.  But Fettuccini Alfredo they are willing to eat as a family.

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