Thursday, March 19, 2020

As If

Blessings, Darlings!

As if there is anything ELSE to do when unemployed due to the Corona virus pandemic, I suppose I might start blogging again.

Or get my garden well started, even if it's a bit early.

We're financially privileged enough that we'll get thru' my being unemployed (especially since I'll be applying for unemployment with in the next 12 hours) - the Chubby Hubby is over 70, and now on Social Security.  But as you might have noticed from his (and my) age, we are in at risk ages.  And the Spawn has asthma.  So I'm happy that the Spawn and I are now home (we worked in the same restaurant.) 

Oh - we live in the first town in West Virginia to officially have a case of Covid 19.  I'm sure I'll blog about that 'officially' thing sometime. 

But first I have a cake in the oven, and seeds to start, and I really need to set up a new schedule for myself now that I'm not working nights.  I might choose to start getting up earlier, now that I don't get home at 11 pm and want to eat and otherwise transition after getting home. 

At any rate - I'm likely to blog more, but it's likely to be boring stuff like what I did in the garden and what I cooked.  With occasional rants on 'why did folks clean out the dry beans from the stores, but not buy any spices to use on them?' and such.

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