Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Black Mass for Shut-Ins.

Blessings Darlings!

As I started blathering about yesterday, lots of us are at home with time on our hands due to lock downs due to Coronavirus.  Not just at home - but due to not being able to go to 'nonessential' shops we can't get more 'supplies' locally ... and since many of us have lost our jobs, we can't even order them online.

What's a witch to do?

It's a little late to stock up a Casting Cabinet if you don't have it in place already.  But all you really 'need' for minimal offerings would be light (usually candles, but you can use a lamp) and fresh water, or even use reading a poem or toning or for some Gods and spirits, repetitions of their names.  Tho' if you're doing any baking ... most won't turn down the first slice of bread off a loaf or a cookie or piece of cake.

If you've been told that to ground you have to go outside and be barefoot and whatever - it's WAY past time to drop that belief like the foolishness it is.  You should be able to ground anywhere, any time, and get to the point that you can do that in literally one breath.  So practice.  You're 'staying in' in an apartment on the 4th floor of a building?  That doesn't matter.  This is energy work.  And as Byron Ballard is fond of pointing out - this energy work is like the energy work in hugs.  You feel that energy just fine even if both of the people hugging are in huge winter coats. 

Many Pagan and Magical authors have moved the 'free' line on their products during this.  Jason Miller has one of his courses for free.  Morgan Daimler has some of her Fairy stuff for free.  Others have done the same.  Go look.

If you can exercise at home - some Gods and spirits will appreciate doing that as an offering. 

Have a spice cabinet?  Learn the esoteric and medical uses of all of the herbs and spices.  Make a cup of tea out of each of them, sip it, and see what your body thinks of it.  Get to know the actual spirit of the plant. 

Do . the . work . now that you have the time.  Not having money for the 'exact' item you want, not being able to hike the woods of the Appalachian Trail (and to stop the spread of coronavirus, they HAVE asked folks to keep off the trail) are NOT limiting factors.

Frondly, Fern

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