Friday, March 20, 2020

Unemployment Fail

Blessings Darlings!

Morning update:
The online filing for unemployment site is failing due to so many folks using it.  Will try later today again.  Spawn got thru' earlier this week, he's set up and will get the debit card in a few weeks.

Didn't get thru' all the To Do list yesterday, but got SOME done on everything.  Might go back to manure hauling today, but the mud IS intimidating.  So doing housework.  DAMN that shower stall is clean!

Got more stressed about the whole thing late yesterday, enough so that it made it hard to sleep.  If that happens again tonight, and if I still haven't gotten thru' the unemployment site - I'll do it at 2 am.  And probably clean more.

Husband just asked "What will we do about filling the cars? Pushing those buttons, using that HANDLE?"
1 - we're not going anywhere.
2 - the cars have gas
3 - here are wipes I bought years ago - add some water to the package and use them. BTW -
4 - Here are wipes I made with paper towels and alcohol
5 - here are more of the gloves YOU USED YESTERDAY.
 Afternoon update:
Them senators who sold stocks instead of warning and preparing the US need to get prosecuted.

Dinner tonight is chicken and dumplings, with leftover chicken and wild garlic greens.  Used a drop biscuit recipe for the dumplings and also made my first batch of drop biscuits with half the recipe.  Successful attempt!  

Again - did a lot today, but never as much as I'd hoped to get done.  Bored during this at home time?  Oh hell no.

Frondly, Fern

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