Monday, March 23, 2020

Witching Away Covid 19

Blessings Darlings!

We're living in interesting times.  Latest thing is the Covid 19 pandemic.  I am one of the folks who thinks it's serious - but that's not what this post is about.

This post is about some of the magical responses to it, the 'let's get all the witches together and do magic to stop it!" approaches.  There was one done last week.  There was one done Saturday night.  There's a call to do one this coming Sunday.

I understand the appeal of doing this.  Times are scary and it feels good to try to heal the world.  There's a lot of virtue signalling to it.  There's the illusion of unity to it.
There's the illusion that this time it will be different - this one will actually work.

All the evidence is that all these group 'spell events' to solve problems don't work.  The rate of increase of COVID spread hasn't slowed at all - showing that the one done last week didn't work.  It's too early to evaluate if any changes in rate of spread has come from the one last Saturday, about 45 hours ago. 

Let's throw in the data from the other big 'let's witch away the problem' spell things over the past year, to see if they worked. 
 * Did magic stop the fires in the Amazon?  Nope - same amount of rain came, and the rate of arson there wasn't touched. 
 * Did magic stop the fires in Australia?  Nope - again, a little rain occurred, but not enough to dent the drought (and if folks want to take 'credit' for the rain, do you think that they are going to accept the blame for the flooding that hard rain on burnt ground caused?  I've not seen them do that, have you?) 

Here's a map of the fires TODAY in Australia

They aren't in the news anymore, and no one seems to be working to stop 'em any more - did the folks so concerned with them get bored?  At any rate - they continue.  Big time.  The drought continues - big time.  Record heat continues - big time. 


I'm so glad that you asked.  There are several different IMPORTANT things at play here. 

First - the aim is too broad.  The Amazon valley  is HUGE, as is Australia - as is the spread of the virus.  Focus on a smaller area that is affected, even if that mean 'some gets left out'.  Had folks worked on, say, ONE state, or part of a state, in Australia or the Amazon ... that would have helped a lot.  AND been very visible to give them positive feedback.  Magic may not exactly become 'diluted' over a larger area, but ... focus matters. 

Second - no focus on stopping humans increasing the issues.  With the Amazon fires, no work to stop the arson, so if fires went out there were immediately reset.  In Covid 19, no work to keep people at home (other than 'oh, let's call for rain!) or to shelter the homeless.  Nothing to get all the governors to shut down states, to help folks who need to pay bills, to get the US and other country leaders to shut down countries and give monetary help to individuals.

Third - ALL OF THEM ARE SET UP AS ONE-OFFS.  That you will do the ritual once, and that's all it will take.  The fires and Covid 19 have this huge amount of momentum, and folks have this illusion that they get take 3 minutes (literally three minutes for at least one of the 'group magics) and that will both stop the momentum and reverse the problem.

That's not how it works folks.  And this is why I asked earlier if the folks working on the Australian fires had just gotten bored.  Things like this need longer workings.  In the case of Covid 19, it's reasonable that you'd need to do daily workings for at least the 15 days they say is minimum for quarantine.  Better would be a full moon cycle. 

Those are things that get ignored when doing big workings like this.  Oh, there are other things, too, like unifying the group mind and such, but those are skill related, not approach related.

Frondly, Fern

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