Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Light .... and shadow

Question on a Pagan group:
What is it with 'love and light' and 'Wiccan brothers and sisters'??????????


Why is such fluffy familiarity okay? And, without checking if the recipient even wants bloody 'love and light' and 'blessed be sister'??????
One reply (paraphrased and shortened): .I say those to people to express kind intent, to pass along the pure gentleness of my heart & soul...To express the truly sweet person I am, how I treat everyone from my friends to strangers. keep in mind that there are those of us out there who are REAL empaths, who are genuinely caring souls with true intentions.

Well.  I had to respond, because I am me.

First ... I'm still having trouble getting my head around "I'm an empath (but I can't understand that my words could be irritating anyone),"  

to get back to Liz's original question - why do folks always pushing light and love/blessed be

1 - not give a fig if the person WANTS that?

2 - not care if the person can HANDLE that?

3 - not VALUE the dark? Or the power of the lone path?

4 - Not respect that others have different boundries?

Look - for years I had stomach problems. My well-meaning husband always gave me milk 'to help settle my stomach'. Turned out I had lactose intolerance!  To put it mildly - my husband's 'cure' only made the problem worse.

 Pouring what may work for ONE person on everyone is NOT a good idea, NOT good magic, NOT good spirituality in my never humble opinion.

I have said this before, and I will say it again - intent isn't worth squat when you don't actually look at what you do DOES.  My husband TOTALLY meant to help me. His action HURT me.   


The Empath responded: It's sweet that you have a well-meaning husband...Yet, irresponsible of you to not take your health seriously and take matters into your own hands to see a doctor. To me, that is someone not listening to their body - especially if you let it go on for years.

Baby girl didn't answer my questions .... and of course I HAD been to doctors.  Repeatedly. Because then I had good insurance.  But apparently if I did NOT have insurance and could NOT afford a doctor .... that is being 'irresponsible'.  Because the poor are irresponsible, I suppose.  

And I'm sure she still thinks she said nothing anyone can object to.  And she still thinks she's an empath. 

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