Monday, April 16, 2012

Let There Be Quiet

Blessings Darlings!

I love music ... tho' I cannot carry a tune in a bucket and have failed at every instrument I've tried.  But, as I try to search for Twitter posts with "Pagan" in them (and try to ignore all the @#$%%~@~! sales posts there) it makes it seem as if a lot of folks have music playing all the time.  And when I was in college one of my roommates had music or TV going pretty much constantly.  Later I had neighbors who .... uh .... liked to share all their music with me.  Then there were the many, many times I've been driving and I've not be able to hear anything except the music from another car at the stop light. 

Which is not to say that my world is silent.  Right now the loudest sound is the neighbor using a power edge trimmer around his fence. and probably another neighbor will mow their lawn and I'll hear that later.  Not my favorite sounds, but .... really, my dishwashers noises bother me more when it runs. 

Even with those outside man-made sounds, tho, I can still hear birds, and the wind, and my husband, and the creak of the window (I don't know WHY it creaked, tho), the hum of my computer fan, etc. 

Even with THOSE sounds .... I can still hear myself think.  And at times, I can hear the soft voices of the God/dess/es.  I don't recall any time when I've heard the voices of the God/dess/es in music or TV, altho' I've certainly heard them in the quiet times of some guided meditations.

I've never understood the impulse to always have music/TV/etc sounds going on all the time.  It's just not ME.  I'm not going to claim that it's because I am doing Deep Thinking or anything - more likely it's because I'm too easily distracted and that would put me over the edge on being able to concentrate be so irritating that I'd get a headache. 

Is it because I'm an only child of older parents? Probably part of it is from that.  My suburban upbringing, without the constant pressing noises of urban life? I'm sure that's part of it .... tho' my neighborhood had so many toxins on the lawns that we didn't have crickets at all, and not a ton of birds.

But I DO value quiet.  Intensely.  I don't travel without ear plugs, and the discomfort of those have always been far FAR outweighed by the quiet they provide. If I had to make a binary choice between music and silence .... okay, I'd opt out, because I don't accept that paradigm. 

Frondly, Fern

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  1. For me there are different types of quiet. Music will fade into the background and usually helps me stay focused but thats when I am inside. Outside noises soothe me. Well not me dumb ass neighbors fighting or revving their engines.