Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fern's First World Problems

Blessings Darlings!

I'm not one to whine .... oh, wait.  I totally am one to whine, I just don't usually do it online, I inflict it on my husband and Spawn instead.  Today, OTOH, I'm inflicting it on the world.  That was your warning.  You may want to stop reading now and go on to something more useful.

We have one car for the three of us.  This is not usually a problem.  The Spawn is the only one who works outside the house and as long as he's out I have him do the shopping.  Which is great unless the car acts up.  Yes, the car is acting up.  It hasn't like running in wet weather for about 5 years, we've spent about $1k failing to get the problem fixed.  Having the car live in the garage instead of the driveway has helped, and having me drive the Spawn to and from work so the car can be garaged even on rainy workdays has been a work-around.  Well, it worked up until this last weekend, when I got stranded on the side of the road 3 times.  WITHOUT A BOOK!  THAT was my own fault. 

So, with the Spawn having 3 days off in a row (his workplace is at the end of their fiscal year, and to keep their labor costs more in line with where they should be most hosts are being told to not come in most days) I drove the car to the repair shop 12 miles away.  In the rain. Nervous. And the dang thing drove there fine (lighter rain, maybe?) so I can't even DEMONSTRATE the problem.  Took a cab home.

Meanwhile, the Chubby Hubby has an abscessed tooth.  Pain started Thursday, he thought it was a sinus problem due to record levels of pollen - he's had toothaches that were sinus-caused before.  Saturday morning it was clear that it wasn't sinus, he looked like a chipmunk on one side of his face.  Urgent care gave him antibiotics, we got home before the rain started and the car problems began.  He's feeling better, looks a BIT less swollen, and we know he still needs the tooth dealt with.

He has an appointment early tomorrow for tooth removal, since he lost chunks of tooth and the filling weeks ago .... which certainly let the infection get started there.  But with the car in the shop it will cost a lot to get to the city where the oral surgeon is.  Like $70+ for the round trip.  Cash.  Sigh.

At least these ARE First World Problems for us.  Not because we have insurance to pay for any of this - we don't have dental insurance.  But because we can afford to pay for antibiotics, and tooth removal, and taxi's, and it hit at a good time for us to try to get the car problem really repaired (and get an oil change and the burnt out turn signal bulb replaced while they're at it). 

We're lucky,  An abscess like this, untreated, can and does kill people.  The Spawn could be hitching to and from work every day (or still trying to find a job walking distance from home).  Surrounded by blessings we are, even while handling life's little challenges.


  1. Indeed, first world problems. There are many places in the world where an abscessed tooth would be a death sentence, where there is no easy access to antibiotics and oral surgeons are akin to mythical figures. Even in this country with all its bounty, people die from infected teeth because they can't afford to see a dentist and/or they they try to treat it themselves.

    We all have trials and tribulations, especially when it comes to finances, but remembering to be thankful that we are able to come out on the other side of is important. I wasn't thrilled with the rather large amount we owed in taxes this year but I was thankful I actually had the money to be able to pay it.

  2. Sorry Fern. I hope things get better for you and the hubs gets the tooth looked at.