Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Blessings Darlings!

Stress.  We all have it - life is full of things that we feel are stressful.  So, what to do about it?

Short Term Fixes

I get tension head aches.  Which are caused by holding stress in my  neck and shoulders.  So I have to take time during higher-stress times to work on relaxing those muscles.  Head circles, shoulder circles, getting the Chubby Hubby or Spawn to give me neck/shoulder rubs, rubbing my neck myself, all those type of things.

Visualization works here as well. I can close my eyes and take a few deep breaths.  While doing that I visualize the breath going to my shoulders/neck, breaking up the tension there, and the tightness leaving with each exhalation.  Done when I first feel the headache coming on it can take care of it in just a minute or two!

It can be hard to concentrate when feeling stressed.  Start by having a cup of tea (or water).  First, doing this interrupts the stress-building pattern.  Second, the extra fluids help 'dilute' the cortisol your body produces when stressed.

Again, visualization can be a tool.  While I work at home, so can always light a candle and visualize it burning up the stress, allowing me to be calm and focused, you can visualize the stress going to a plant in your office where it is transmuted (like the plant transmutes carbon dioxide into oxygen), or you might have charged and lit a candle for this at some time at home, and when snuffing it charged that, say, 'the flame burns forever in the worlds beyond' so you can send the stress to the candle to be transmuted any time, any day, any where.  You can wash your hands, and visualize the stress washing away with the water.

Long Term Fixes

But wouldn't it be best to set up life so there is less stress?  Spend a little time early in the day (or the night before) getting things ready for the day.  Make a to-do list, many lists, so your day is organized and you don't forget things.  Do all you can pre-emptively.  Pay attention to details that will trip you up later.  Check your facts.  Exercise and eat right, so your body can better deal with what stress is going to happen. Give yourself extra time to do, well, EVERYTHING.

Frondly, Fern

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