Wednesday, January 4, 2012

These Dreams

I was in the desert southwest.  Most or all of the coven was there, too, tho' I only remember Monica, Daniel, and Jen.  Petroglyphs, all sorts of 'big stuff' to see. But then ... looking closely and quietly, there were these small things, about an inch in diameter and two inches tall.  They were shaped sort of like the Capitol Dome, out of wicker or grass.  With an opening/doorway and .... I'm sure that there was another opening, but I can't really say where.  On the 'floor' of each was a stone or other .... item.  Were the woven things offerings, or were they altars and the item inside was an offering, or a symbol of the Divine?  I'm not clear. I do know that Wakan Tanka was referred to in the dream, but I've NO idea if Wakan Tanka is from that area.

I do know that I'll be working on making some, and seeing what info comes to me then.

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