Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prove It!

Blessings Darlings!

Yesterday a guy left a 13 month old alone in a tent at OccupyDC, wearing very little clothes.  In 40 degree temperatures, and a cold rain.  Occupiers heard the baby crying, found her neglected, called the police, cared for the baby until the police arrived, and when the guy came back (at least an hour after leaving the baby alone) he was arrested.  The baby is okay.  The response to the situation was correct.

Apparently the guy had arrived a few days earlier and set up a tent.  No word on if he was homeless and just there because he could put up a tent or if he claimed to be part of OccupyDC. 

So some folks (NOT campers, BTW) want OccupyDC to 'vet' everyone who stays in the park.  As if OccupyDC OWNS the park and can and SHOULD say who can camp there.  Because, they say, only folks who are 'totally unimpeachable' should be in the park, or part of the movement, so .... I guess so that no one not a part of it won't have an excuse to dismiss it.

Unimpeachable.  Gandhi wouldn't qualify, as he sexually manipulated his female followers (he slept with them - without sex - as 'purity tests'.  Just sleeping.) 

And, let's see.  Gays make some folks uncomfortable. Unwed mothers. Transexuals. Homeless. Undocumented workers. The poor. The handicapped. Ex-cons. Legal immigrants. Blacks. Browns. Asians. Gingers. Old folks.   The hearing-impaired. The visually impaired. Pagans. Jews (and, yes, there are a few folks who post on Twitter under the #OccupyDC hashtag who want all Jews out of the OWS movement).  Catholics. Mormons. Buddhists. Hindus. Atheists. "Radicals".  The list goes on and on and on, if you want to screen out all those who are in some way "impeachable".

But some folks want OTHERS (who, in a leaderless movement, I'm not sure) to vet those who stay in the park and/or are 'part of the movement' for appropriateness.  I'd love to hear what criteria they would use. And, since they say that this is to weed out 'bad apples', why they think that 'bad apples' would tell the truth in such a screening? 

And how they'd 'prove' to the press if a person was vetted and a 'real part of the movement'. Issue ID cards - official papers? Keep a list of the names (so handy for the govt to round everyone up under NDAA!  Good going, do the fascists list making FOR THEM!)? 

At least I'd never make it on to their list of "real Occupy Protesters", since I'm totally impeachable.  I swear, all the fucking time.  I've had tax liens, so clearly I've violated tax regulations.  I'm Pagan and say it out loud - and have an electronic trail of that.

Some folks would throw all those who are 'not unimpeachable" under the bus for political gain.  And some of those people CLAIM to be part of OWS.  In MY never humble opinion ... they lie about supporting OWS's principles by holding that view.

THOSE people would fail the vetting if *I* was running it.  Pack up your tent and leave.

Frondly (sarcastic snort), Fern

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