Monday, January 17, 2011

Prep Shopping

Blessings, Darlings!

As of this moment, I have $12 left to spend on food thru' the end of Thursday, given our food budget and the shopping I've done so far.  Which is pretty good, given that I underspent by $8 last week, and I really don't have anything left of the 'need for meals this week' list.

Which leaves me more money than usual to add to our food storage.  And that's a good thing since all of us preppers and survivalists and preparedness and just plain broke folks have noticed that food prices have been rising thru' the roof!  Last summer's droughts in Europe and Asia, this winter's flooding in Australia and South American (well, summer floods for them) have caused havoc in food prices.  Rising oil prices are affecting food prices, too, as is diversion of grain into ethanol and into increased meat production.  And the weather we've had in the US is causing 'temporary' jumps in produce prices due to damage to crops in the deep south and California.  Even my winter veggie mainstay, cabbage, has been hit hard by the freezes in Florida.  Strawberries are off the scale in price!

So I'm looking at what foodstuffs to use the food dollars for.  I could use more white wine for cooking, I'm getting a bit low.  That won't take much of it.  So, do I get two 5 pound bags of sugar and one 5 pound bag of flour to add to my storage?  Or do I get another 50 pounds of wheat berries really meant for livestock feed at Southern States or Tractor Supply?

Frondly, Fern

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