Thursday, January 20, 2011

Religious Music

Blessings, Darlings!

It's Wednesday as I type this, and Star Foster who runs the Pagan Portal at is listening to Old Time Gospel music.

I didn't grow up on Gospel Music, but even I have the group she's listening to now, Sweet Honey in the Rock, on my play list.

Which got me to thinking.....

There have been occasional complaints from pagan parents about the chorus' their children are in singing Christian religious music.  My response has always been, "Was it GOOD music, or LOUSY music?" Because for me, quality of the music is what matters.

We are a family that LOVES choral music.  And many other types of music (Chubby Hubby was a music major for a while, AFTER he got his first degree in Physics).

Back before we started homeschooling, the Spawn was in the school choir in his public school.  The choir leader, Ms. Braswell, was EXCELLENT.  She picked great music, she got the children to give great performances that you would think were beyond their years.

What glorious Latin Glorias they sang! What rafter-lifting Gospel they ended with!  I'd be one of the only non-performers who would go to their school-day competitions against the other schools in the district.  The other schools performances were nice .... ours always won.

Yes, virtually all of the music Ms. Braswell chose was 'Christian Religious Music'.  That wasn't important to me, what DID matter was that the Spawn was singing EXCELLENT music, beautifully arranged.  In fact, I suggested that in future years she might add Bach's "Safely My Sheep Do Graze", one of my favorite pieces, and TOTALLY Christian.

Quality.  It matters.

Frondly, Fern

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  1. I love this post! I still enjoy a lot of Christian music. My most favorite is "On Eagle's Wings" from when I used to be a Catholic. It was all about St Francis whom was my patron saint and it just makes my heart sing to listen to it. Plus there are quite a few great Christmas songs that are joyful and pleasant.

    Music is art and art should be appreciated, regardless of what religious ties it may or may not have.