Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seeds Found!

Blessings, Darlings!

In my never-ending work to unpack from the move, I've FINALLY found the bulk of my stored seeds Sunday evening.  I was having the hardest time finding them, and feared the guys had put the boxes of them in the detached garage. I didn't want to have to look for the right boxes there (among the 200 other boxes there), nor would the seeds have been happy in single degree temperatures.

But, no - they were in mislabeled boxes, mostly in the living room. 

I still haven't found the herb seeds, but I'm greatly cheered and hopeful that they will soon be found.

See, it's just about time to start onion seeds indoors (and parsley, but as noted, those seeds haven't yet been found).  So it was going to be an ISSUE soon.

I have a 3 year supply of seeds on hand.  They don't take up much room, especially compared to everything else that I struggle to find room for merely a ONE year supply of.

Having found the seeds that meant that on my trip to town I picked up some soil to start the seeds in (the ground here being frozen).  Tomorrow I hope to have time to get them started, if not, then Sunday is my aim.

Have you got/ordered seeds for your garden yet this year?  This is prime time to order them!

Frondly, Fern

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