Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hunker Down

Blessings, Darlings!

We got 9.5 inches of snow yesterday.  The Washington DC area we used to live in got a bit less (more rain there).  Judging by the TV, the only news in the world is the snow we got here.  Never mind the revolution that seems to be going on in Egypt, the issues in Tunisia and Yemen, etc.

Anyway.... the news is full of stories about folks who were stranded in their cars for 4 to 12 hours trying to get home.  My son watched, then admitted he was thinking about what HE would do.  We again discussed the time I was working at Credit Counseling when snow hit and roads turned extremely icy.  I watched skidding and accidents from my window, watched the streets clog, etc. When it was finally time to leave ... I didn't.  I stayed put.  I stayed in the office, had a cup of tea, read the book or magazine I always had with me.  I was warm, dry, comfortable, not doing white-knuckled ice driving.

By 8 pm, the roads had finally been salted, the built-up traffic had evaporated from the direction I was going to go, and I headed out.  I drove slowly, an it took me a few extra minutes to make the drive.  But it was a pretty calm drive, aside from not being able to see lane lines in one area.

Being able to shelter in place - no matter where you are - is a necessity.  As my experience, and the experience of the poor folks who were stuck on highways yesterday, shows.  Going out into weather or other SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) situations is usually NOT a good idea.  Wait it out THEN go out.

To do this you need some level of supplies with you.  In this case, they were in my desk at my office: tea bag, book, snacks, cell phone, water, etc.  I also had a candle and matches so I'd have been okay  had power gone out.  I knew the gas tank in my car was full, my tires were good, and I had more emergency supplies (more food, more water, tools, blanket, etc) in the car.  Had I been stranded in the car overnight, I'd have been okay, even if I had to use the 'can with a lid' potty - tho' in that last case I'd have whined a heck of a lot!

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